If you can think it,
we can build it


We are a software consultancy, design, development and managed-services company focused on mobile, cloud and data technologies. In over 11 years, we have worked with enterprises of different sizes and handled a variety of challenging requirements.

We are also an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Managed Partner, which allows us to deliver and manage mobile and web back-end solutions anywhere in the world.

We believe that successful software projects require holistic design at the core -- strong technical skills, combined with creativity and empathy. Having our base in the Philippines, whose people are world-renown for these traits, gives us a unique advantage.

We have over 50 software professionals who get their skills not only through mentorship and experience in projects, but also through extensive research, experimentation, and entrepreneurship. To encourage this, we have a formal program called Seer Labs that incubates employee-founded startups. Each year, we allocate 10% of our revenues to Seer Labs.

We hand-pick only the best people aligned with our divergent culture and vision of leveraging disruptive technologies to solve challenging problems. We enable them with the right skills and tools, cultivate the right attitude, and support them with the right processes. Furthermore, we extend our capabilities through partners who share the same culture and vision.

All these things contribute to our commitment to superior customer experience.

We believe in delighting the customer, following global quality standards, and creating customized service offerings to suit each client's unique needs.

Our Culture

We know who we are not

We do not build technology at whatever cost; we focus on delivering value to stakeholders -- our customers, and ultimately -- the end-users that they serve. As individuals, we do not seek personal trophies, since we choose to tackle large problems that can only be solved by teams.

Who we are is a company that is built on integrity, where our actions, decisions and methods are consistent with our principles and mission to be a company that truly cares for its customers and employees. We are confident of our capability to enable business strategy while having the humility of knowing that being world-class is a daily endeavor. Ever-changing market dynamics demand agility which we have hard-wired into our organization, while enabling divergent views to flourish. We push for a win-win solution at all times where both our customers’ objectives and our employees’ need for work-life integration is considered. We pride ourselves to be a company that espouses the Filipino value of ”malasakit” where our purpose is driven by more than just business objectives; it is a deep passion to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers, employees and community.

Our Best

We believe that superior results are delivered by passionate individuals through inspired and self-directed teams. We nourish an environment that encourages divergent views from every team member, versus having one loud idea — no matter how inspired. People know it’s safe to simply be themselves which promotes creativity and continuous learning. We don’t let fear or egos get in the way of exploring new perspectives and challenges which could lead to failures. “We know that without failures, we have not risked enough nor harnessed our best.